We have several warehouses in Europe and Asia.

The type of packaging used guarantees excellent protection.

The default delivery used is the post office, another mode of transport may also be offered on certain items, faster or restriction of transport due to the product (example: contains batteries or magnetic elements).

Some products may be subject to promotional action and be offered free shipping; these items will then be specified in their ad.


The average delivery time varies according to:

  • The warehouse of departure of the articles.
  • If your order concerns items from different warehouses your order will be split into several shipping, in as many parcels as warehouses, at no additional cost.
  • The delivery destination

European warehouses:

  • Time between 3 and 6 days for a European destination
  • Deadlines 8 to 30 days for an overseas destination

Warehouse in Asia:

  • 8 to 18 days delay for a European destination
  • 3 weeks up to 7 weeks for overseas or island destinations


In the case of provisional breakage of quantity concerning an article, it is not possible to order the product until its replenishment is in progress and the availability of stock in our warehouses is known.

In this case we will notify you of the expected time and you will have the opportunity to change the product or cancel your order. In the latter case we will refund you.


Almost all countries in the world are proposed.

However, if one of the destinations was not covered, the order can not be validated by the system!

However, we can, on a case-by-case basis, study the possibility of delivering and making a proposal. Do not hesitate to contact us !