Professional Drone Full HD 1080p Stabilized Camera


This amazing-feature drone makes it the perfect companion for extreme sportsmen, adventurers and travelers, with up to 20 minutes of flight time per battery. It includes all the classic functions of professional folding drones, compact, easily transportable, automatic return, flight route, automatic tracking, stabilized shooting, control by remote control or via the mobile application Android and IOS. Full HD 1080p real-time FPV camera, etc ...


Product stored in our warehouse of Asia.

Extra Battery


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These feats do not stop there! With three modes of control, gesture photo, APP and ergonomic RC with safe support of your smartphone you are master of the situation and theft. With GPS positioning it is easy to navigate and very safe. It has 3 security systems in automatic return, automatic return button, low battery detection, electronic barrier or signal loss of the transmitter (reception limit), the drone automatically returns to the position of the pilot. You can give him a central point and ask him to fly in a circle facing the point or give him a route. With the tracking mode, do you want him to record a video of your exploits? The drone will follow you and film the video live on your smartphone.




Width: 29 cm / 13.9 cm
Height: 8 cm / 5.1 cm
Depth: 29 cm / 7.3 cm
Weight of the device: 325gr
Flight time: 20 minutes
Flight distance: 300m
Lithium battery 11.1V 1500 mAh
Battery charge time 180 minutes
Real time 1080P wifi distance camera transmission: 80m
Camera up / down
Control RC, App, Gestuel
Route function
Automatic tracking function
Automatic button return function, distance limit, signal loss
GPS Positioning Function
Landing and takeoff function by button
Speed ​​control function
Auto-pilot mode function
Altitude maintenance function